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You probably heard about me from Scott Kelby at one of the episodes of The Grid. Or maybe you are a KelbyOne Community member and you know me from there. [If you're not a KelbyOne member, you really should be. Go to http://kelbyone.com and signup for the 10-day free trial. You will love it!]


My real name is Fernando, I'm a Portuguese photographer born in the 60's. I'm based in Lisbon, Portugal. I do mostly landscape photography, but you may also find me photographing music concerts, portraits, among others.


I'm an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) on Adobe Lightroom and you may also find me teaching Lightroom to other photographers.


By the way, if you're stuck at home because of the new coronavirus, you may want to learn a few Lightroom Classic tricks from me, or you may want to use my help as your own private Lightroom tutor. Please check www.lrtutor.com for more info.


Please visit my real website at www.fernandosantos.com. so that you can view my portfolio and easily get in touch with me. You can also follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/fernandoferreirasantos.


If you want to buy one of my signed limited edition prints, or if you want to use one of my images, or if you need help with Lightroom and would like to attend one of my workshops, or simply in case you are visiting Lisbon, Portugal, and need some help, please feel free to contact me. You will find details on my website above.


Thanks again for visiting!


Fernando (aka Chicky Nando)